Our Service department is fully qualified to provide you with all of your service needs. We only employ fully qualified marine mechanics. We are the ONLY authorised dealer and service centre for Suzuki outboards in the Whitsunday region, though we do welcome servicing on all engine brands.

We offer   fixed pricing   on your standard service.

We also offer servicing and repair on your Trailer, Steering, Ignition & Electronics.


Our service department is open Mon- Fri 8.00am - 4.30pm and Sat 9am-2pm for pickup and drop off.

Emergency Call Out  24/7. Additional charges apply



We only carry genuine Suzuki spare parts to ensure the integrity of your Suzuki outboard. Other engine brands are serviced at your discretion. We can source any part for any brand, for you.

Experienced staff are always on hand to identify the correct part.

If we do not have it in stock it will usually be an overnight delivery.

OGMS  Safety Check

Your boating should be fun and relaxing. As the skipper you should ensure that you have done what you can to protect the safety of your passengers and yourself whilst on the waterways.

Adding the OGMS Safety Check to your yearly maintenance routine will help to keep you and your crew safe on the water.  The OGMS Safety Check is your reassurance that you are ready to hit the water.

Remember - a fresh set of professional eyes may see problems that everyday boaties are unaware of, providing peace-of-mind and better awareness of vessel safety.
Be confident that when you go boating your safety is 1st class.

The checklist we provide is as follows:


Steering system, Battery and hold downs, Fuel tank and restraints, Fuel lines and filter, Instruments/dash lighting, Navigation lights, Wiring and fuses, windscreen/wipers, Mooring ropes/lines, Bilge pumps and float switch operation, Sea cocks and valves.


Wheels and wheel bearings, Winch, cable and hook, 
Lights, Coupling, Trailer adjustments, Safety chain, Trailer general condition, 
Trailer registration.


(Enclosed waters Standard)
Life jackets (condition and number), Anchor/Chain/Rope, Oars and Paddles, Fire extinguisher, Sound Signal (horn/bell/whistle) Waterproof  torch, Bailer bucket, Safety label..


Engine, Gearbox operation, Gear oil condition, Drive oil remote bottle level, Engine oil, Power trim oil, Remote controls operation, Electrical harness, Battery cables, terminals and switches, Belts, Charging system, Starting mechanism, Trim/Tilt operation, Propeller, Trim tab/anodes, Attaching bolts/Thumb screws, Closed cooling system-(level/fluid condition) Engine mounts, Battery (electrolyte), Fuel filters, Air filters and flame arrestors, Engine cooling condition.


Visual inspection and ethanol test.